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A Warm Welcome to Blake

Say Hello to the Blake Collection

Sophisticated and laid back living room furniture with a unique 'floating' design

To be at once beautiful and practical, designed to fit seamlessly into your home and built to last a lifetime. These are the core values we apply to all of our furniture collections, the Blake collection is certainly no exception to those rules, in fact it sets the standard.

Our brand new Blake collection is an entirely in house effort, designed in London, developed in the Cotswolds and built in Wiltshire.......The initial idea was literally penned on the back of a napkin, which turned into quite a late night and led to one of those 'clear the diary' moments. The very next day we were at the factory badgering them to build the samples!

Sharp edged, clean and uncluttered without hardware to spoil the lines. The split front and rear frame works brilliantly to keep the style light and contemporary, successfly avoiding any heavy cubic feel, the recessed foot plinth gives the furniture a floating effect and a sense of lightness and fun.

We are very proud of this one, we hope you like it too.......



Beautiful Natural Oak Makes a Contemporary Statement

Enhance the Beauty of your furniture with a choice of the wood finishes - Grey Oak, Classic Natural Oak, or Opaque White Oak

The doors and drawer fronts of the Blake furniture are solid grade 'A' American white Oak. The American Oak species has a beautiful natural grain with lots of contrast and interesting swirls and stripes, it suits the contemporary style of the Blake collection perfectly.

The Blake is a 3 colour collection, your outer frame will be painted in your selection from our core colours, including all the favourites like Cloud, Moondust Grey and Rockford. The inner frame will be finished in white to contrast with the main colour. The white inner frame also provides a wonderful stage to show off the natural beauty of the Oak which will be finished in one of 3 oils, Grey, Natural or Opaque White.

Rockford and Natural Oak won the vote for these initial pictures and the first pieces in the showroom........but only just and we can't wait to see a piece finished in Moondust Grey with Grey Oil......or Cloud and White Oil for that matter!


Designed for Living, Designed for Life.

To Be At Once Beautiful and Practical

Making furniture look great is a difficult enough task and, lets be honest, we are always going to start with that, but making furniture which also works from a day to day living point of view takes thought and experience. Need to house a full cinema amp? sound bar? TV reciever and a game station? No problem, the open shelf on the Blake TV Unit is 23cm high and has plenty of width for all you could need.

The Blake storage coffee table appears to levitate in the centre of your living space. It is a beautiful piece of furniture with the shelf painted to match the outer colour the white frame is brought into contrast and really shows off the four natural Oak drawer fronts. Yes, this coffee table features four fully independant drawers for hiding away all the accessories, bits and indeed bobs, leaving your living room sharp and clutter free.


The Softest of Soft Close

Not only are the insides of the drawers painted to match your chosen outer frame colour [we didn't need to do that, but it is very cool], each is fitted with a beautifully engineered soft close drawer runner as standard, the best we could source, the slow close action perfectly suits the sophisticated laid back character of the Blake furniture.

As we had fitted soft close runners to the drawers then we really needed to do the same for the doors, this was a little more challenging but the results are amazing. The mechanism is all in the hinge, we simply couldn't stand the idea of a piston or spring catch, and the action is so slow and precise it is almost hypnotic, we could spend all day opening and closing the doors, in fact we nearly did. As each door shuts the gentlest 'tap' indicates another job well done.

General Enquiry

Whether you have a general enquiry or a specific question about our furniture, just let us know what you need and we'll do our best to help...

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