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Complementary colours for grey bedrooms

Complementary Colours For Grey Bedrooms

Grey has long been one of the most popular neutral shades for decorating the bedroom. This is because grey shades are hugely versatile: cool off-whites, neutral mid-tones and deep, mysterious charcoals can all be paired with pastels, vibrant primary colours and natural rustic hues to great effect. Because grey has so many undertones, it's perfect for combining with accentuating shades to enhance the tone of your bedroom. If you've committed to grey walls, it's possible to completely overhaul the look of your bedroom with coloured accessories whenever the mood takes you.

Without further ado, we'll consider some of the best complementary colours for grey bedrooms, and why they work so well:



Dusky Pink

Muted, mellow and feminine, dusky pink can help to bring a softness and earnestness to even the most industrial of greys. Think dark pastel pink bed sheets contrasting with grey scatter cushions against a grey backdrop or wall. This combination works exceedingly with traditional raw wood finishes, think beside cabinets and painted beds paired with some matching grey wardrobes.


Rose Gold

One of the rising trends of 2020 involves the combination of rose gold with grey, both in the fashion arena and the world of interior design. Rose gold has a similar hue to dusky pink, so try pairing rose gold soft furnishings combined with grey bedroom furniture for a similar effect. You could even go one step further and combine dusky pink, rose gold and various shades of grey for a look that contrasts and complements in equal measure.


Navy Blue

For a simple and sophisticated bedroom finish, navy blue is the perfect accompaniment to grey. Because navy is a dark colour, it is important to balance it with large neutral areas to prevent it from becoming too overbearing. Deep blue accents contrasting against lighter greys will create a comforting and cocooning effect in the bedroom, without making things feel too overwhelming. To accessorise, you should add faux fur or plush velvets to create a warm, inviting and tactile vibe.



Go bold with warm yellows teamed with soft and soothing pastels. Consider vibrant yellows for soft furnishings, pillowcases and blankets, with pastel yellows reserved for lampshades and wall details. Don't be afraid to mix and match between rich yellow and pale lemon. As a primary colour, yellow is always going to attract attention and bring brightness to a room, while the complementing grey will help to mute things down and draw a little less energy away.


Chartreuse Green

Chartreuse green can be brilliantly paired with darker charcoal grey to add a little bit of drama to your bedroom. Small amounts of chartreuse peppered with the odd dash of mint can help to create the perfect modern country look. This will give your bedroom a cosy cabin-in-the-woods style, with just a hint of 1950's retro. Try pairing neutral duck-egg carpets with grey bedroom furniture and add a dash of green in your soft furnishings, picture frames and mirror frames to create a bedroom inspired by the Lakeland art of Clodagh Sparrow.


Get Creative

For more inspiration, why not browse our collection of grey bedroom furniture and try comparing your existing furnishings. Alternatively, if it's time for a complete overhaul, why not consider our colour suggestions and perhaps mix and match for a unique bedroom look?


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