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Embracing Grey in Your Bedroom Design

Embracing Grey in Your Bedroom Design

Grey seems to be the hot new colour for interior design. Whether it is a warm grey accentuated by soft pastels or a cooler grey that forms the foundation of a neutral colour scheme, there is a shade for everyone. Thanks to its neutrality, grey is a fantastic colour for all sorts of decor. It works extremely well with just about anything.

We think grey is a fantastic colour for the bedroom. Its muted tones make for a relaxed space in which sleep is found easily. But do not think that grey means boring or plain. On the contrary, you can do amazing things with it if you just use your imagination. We can help with everything from grey wardrobes to grey dressing tables and grey bed frames.



Go for a Seafaring Look

The most wonderful thing about grey is that you can use it as the base of a complete bedroom theme. For example, why not go for a seafaring look? Start with some dark grey cladding on single wall - like shiplap or wainscoting on the wall your bed butts up against. A darker shade on the wall will nicely complement lighter bed linens. Enhance the look with furniture from our beautiful painted bedroom furniture collections. Then top it all off with some appropriate artwork and accessories that speak of your love for the sea.

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A Splash of Colour

So many people make the mistake of believing that a grey colour scheme forces you to stay neutral. It does not. In fact, a little splash of colour can make a grey room look even more amazing. We recommend colours like mustard yellow, soft pink, sage green, and powder blue. Imagine a grey bed frame from our Oxford collection, one with built-in storage underneath. Imagine the bed being topped with a blanket or comforter with splashes of soft pink and teal. Matching window treatments would add just enough colour to make the grey come alive.

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Go for Warmth

Grey can be a very warm colour if you choose the right shades. The key here is to create a layered look, with darker greys and earth tones providing the base and lighter colours on top. Your darker colours should be reserved for furniture items like dark grey dressing tables and grey blanket chests. Go slightly lighter on your bed linens and even lighter still on pillowcases, wall coverings, and throw rugs. Layering different shades in this way allows the darker greys to show their warmth without overpowering the room. You can add a splash of colour with a soft mustard yellow or beige - using things like throw pillows, planters, etc.

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Shoot for Hotel Chic

One final way to embrace grey is to go for that 'hotel chic' look. This looks starts with grey walls in a mid-tone complimented by painted furniture and linens in slightly lighter tones. Complete the look with your choice of artwork and accessories. Our Amberley line of grey bedroom furniture is perfect for the hotel chic look. It is very modern and boasts clean lines and unassuming features. It works extremely well with the very kinds of artwork and accessories you need to complete the look: black and white photos, silver table lamps, large mirrors, and floor-to-ceiling draperies. Grey can be quite a beautiful colour when you know how to mix it with different shades and complementary tones. If you are looking to remodel your bedroom space, we hope you will consider grey bedroom furniture.

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