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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of  questions we get asked from time to time, If you have a question which isn't answered here or anywhere else around the site then please don't hesitate to call or email us.

Just go to the contact page to send us your question.

I need a custom size, can you help?

That's no problem we can make any of the pieces from the Oxford, Island Breeze, Millbrook, Bay View and Blake collections to any bespoke sizes and configurations, so if you have a specific gap to fill or ledge to sit under then call us with the dimensions and we will have a quote for you in no time!

Who is the Painted Furniture Company?

We are a small independent furniture retail company run by people who are passionate about painted furniture. We are not a virtual trader, we have two lovely showrooms that you can actually visit and say hello in person if you wish and, if you call us, you can talk to a real person, someone who actually cares. And best of all, unlike some other companies who have to pretend, we really are based in the Beautiful Costswolds! Find out more here...

Do You have a Showroom?

Yes. You can view a selection of our painted furniture at our showrooms in Cirencester and Kingston upon Thames. See the contact page

What are your lead times?

The Majority of our Products are hand made to your order. Our made to order collections will usually have a lead time of around 8 weeks. If you have a specific deadline please do talk to us and we will always accommodate where we are able. Our off the Shelf collections are usually available from stock in 2-4 weeks.

What's the delivery cost?

With very few exceptions we offer a Standard UK wide delivery at a flat rate of £40 regardless of how many pieces you order. We also offer an upgraded premier service should you have any specific requirements. Please call us to discuss. Some locations may attract a delivery surcharge, see delivery page for more details and a list of those locations.

British Made

Our Island Breeze collection is designed and manufactured in Wiltshire in the South West of England. The Oxford Collection is an award winning British design also manufactured in the South West. Our Premier Cotswold Collection is designed, assembled and finished at our factory near Bath using first grade imported American Oak.

I know that didn't help you choose but at least now you know. Don't over think it, we offer the choice as an option but there is no right or wrong, the both look great!

What sort of Paint do you use?

Click Here For Paint Info

How can I be sure the colour is right?

Choosing colours is fun not an exact science, take a look at the colour palettes from the top menu of each collection. Each colour description will give an indication of similar colours available from some of the more popular brands and so one of the best ways to choose colours is to grab a Farrow & Ball, or similar, colour chart from your local DIY store and you can quickly scan which colours are similar and which work together. Choosing furniture which complements the colour scheme in your home is a great way of really pushing the interior design. Remeber though, a pot of paint is likely to be a lot less expensive than your new bedroom set so you may want to just choose the furniture in your favourite colour and take it from there!

We love talking about colours so if you need any advice, just pick up the phone.

Can I mix the colours?

Sure can, any of the Cotswold Pieces are available in a mix of any of the colours, if you want red doors on a blue wardrobe that's fine with us!

How is the furniture made?

That's quite a big question, click this link for a summary of how its made

If I don't like the colour can I send the furniture back?

Because our Furniture is customised to your order we are not able to accept returns if you do not like the colour, however we will always assist where possible.

How long before my furniture is delivered?

Expect the whole build and painting process to be completed in around 6-8 weeks for Oxford, Millbrook, Bay View, Blake, Amberley and Island Breeze. Other Collections are usually delivered in 4 weeks or less.

Can you send me a colour sample?

We have a few wood and paint samples in our showrooms, please call us and if we have something available we are happy to send them out to you.

What is the difference between Lacquered and Oiled finishes?

A lacquered finish is basically a lightly applied high quality varnish, it is a coating which seals and protects the surface of the wood. The lacquer we use gives a slight satin sheen to the futniture, certainly not a high gloss but not completely matt either. An oiled finish leaves the wood with a completely matt finish. It is a surface treatment which is absorbed into the wood to give the protection and leaves the wood looking very natural. Customers will often ask which is best and the truth is there is no clear winner. A lacquered finish will offer more protection against spills etc so we would usually recommend lacquer for a dining table, however the protection offered by today's modern oils is really good too, and some people favour the natural look. For bedroom furniture the oiled finish gives more than sufficient protection. The oiled finish is also easier to repair if you have an accident.
General Enquiry

Whether you have a general enquiry or a specific question about our furniture, just let us know what you need and we'll do our best to help....

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