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Grey Furniture: Room Inspiration

Grey Furniture: Room Inspiration

Look through years of interior design history and you will notice that different eras featured different colours. Today, millennial homeowners are all about grey. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Grey is a colour that can create either a warm or cool feeling depending on how you use it.

You can find all sorts of grey furniture here at the Painted Furniture Company. From grey wardrobes to grey bookcases, we have something for everyone. If you are looking to make grey one of the predominant colours in your palette, do not be afraid to browse our entire inventory.



The Country Cottage Look

We hear from people all the time wondering how to pair grey furniture with their walls and floors. The exciting thing to know is that there isn't just a single way. You can use grey in lots of different ways; it really depends on the look you are after. For example, let us talk about the country cottage look. Country cottage is easy to achieve if you have hardwood floors. In the bedroom, grey furniture will offset the darker colour of the floors. Combined with a darker wall colour, you will have the look of a basic country cottage where simplicity is king. Think grey beds and chests of drawers. In the dining room, choose a natural wood dining table to go with the hardwood floor. Accent with a couple of grey bookcases and the right decorative accessories.


The Monochrome Look

Another popular style is the monochrome look. This look is extremely easy to pull off with grey. A light shade of grey on the walls will help accent darker furniture including grey coffee tables and end tables. Black picture frames provide a subtle accent. As for the carpet, it should be a lighter shade of grey somewhere between your furniture and the walls.


The Pastel Look

Some people appreciate the subtle beauty of grey but are not very fond of the monochrome palette. They prefer to design with grey as the base, then add little splashes of pastel colours by way of throw rugs or decorative pieces. Imagine a space with dark hardwood floors and painted grey furniture. A basic throw rug with muted pastels in green, blue, and pink would look absolutely lovely. Just that little bit of pastel colour breaks up the monotony of the grey without making the room feel too bold. This idea works very well in a bedroom where pastel colours can be presented in things like draperies and bed linens. Even when grey beds and wardrobes are utilised, these extra splashes of colour make the space come alive. For a warmer look, use pinks and yellows. For a cooler look, blues and greens work very well.


As you can see, there is a lot you can do with grey. Grey is one of those neutral colours that works well with just about anything. The key to a great design is to determine what kind of look you are going for and then dress up the grey accordingly.


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