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Grey Room Inspiration

Grey Room Inspiration

The versatility of the colour grey makes it the perfect shade for
use in interior decoration and design.

Here's just a few ways grey painted furniture can be used in a room's decor to give the space a gorgeous and unique aesthetic.

Fantastically floral

One great way to soften up a room with a modern style, whilst maintaining its edge, is to combine grey with floral patterns.

A darker backdrop paired with a sea mist grey dresser and floral curtains, for example, would create a room with a soft and inviting tone, without giving off any of the old-fashioned or frumpy moods often associated
with flowery decor.

Modern Moondust

The bright colours work best in geometric patterns, so try to find some cushions, a throw or artwork with colourful shapes.

This will add warmth to the room and will give it the vintage-meets-modernity feel you're looking for. Add a light coloured wooden table to give a living space more of a homey, retro look and top with a lamp with a large, bulbous lampshade to really take a time trip.

Wild western winter

The combination of darker browns with the softer grey tone creates an inviting western winter aesthetic.

Top a cotton grey low wide chest with a deep brown throw and some dark leather cushions to give a room the ultimate sophisticated feel

Tantalising textures and pretty patterns

If you've been trying to think up a way to create a bedroom that makes you want to curl up and drift off to sleep, combine grey tones with soft, textured cushions and throws and add pretty (but subtle) patterns.

A cloud grey bed frame topped with a thick and fluffy, coal-coloured throw, and combined with patterned curtains and a statement rug will create a room that is warm, inviting and cosy. The only problem with designing a space like this is that you'll never want to leave.

Crisp and classic

One of the reasons grey is so versatile is that it complements so many colours on the colour wheel.

This is why you can take a product like this rockford grey island breeze dresser and fit it in almost any well-styled living room, without the need to make drastic changes. Using small additions of grey to a classically designed colour scheme of white, wood and leather is a fantastic way to incorporate a greater depth of tone into a room, without throwing it out of balance.

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