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Handmade Furniture Design Details

Handmade Furniture Design Details

You might be wondering whether handmade furniture is worth the expense or how you can tell whether a piece of furniture has been carefully crafted by hand. Understanding some of the design features of handcrafted furniture can help you to assess whether a piece is made by hand and whether it’s worth the investment. To make things clearer, we’ve written this guide to some of the key handmade furniture design details to look out for.

Handcrafted dovetail joints

One thing to look out for with painted furniture is the type of joints it uses. This can be a clear indication of the quality of the piece. When you’re examining a piece of furniture, look out for dovetail joints because these are a sign of quality workmanship. There are several different types of dovetail joints but they all work in similar ways.

A dovetail joint gets its name from the way it’s shaped. Every joint has both a male end and a female end. The shape of the male end is similar to a dove's tail, hence the name. The male end fits neatly into the female end and there are multiple connections along the joint. Using multiple connections creates additional strength and stability, which helps handmade furniture pieces to last for longer.

Material selection

Handmade British furniture is available in a wide choice of materials. There are a number of different woods that are commonly used for making furniture but different types of wood are better suited to different applications. The type of wood used can also impact how durable the piece is. Expert furniture makers have the right knowledge to choose the most appropriate type of wood for constructing a piece of furniture.

When you buy painted furniture you want it to be durable and long-lasting. It’s always worthwhile to establish what wood the furniture is made from.

Our Tulip, Poplar, pine and Oak timbers are sourced and hand-picked to ensure they're as knot free as possible, and of the highest possible standard. Our engineered timber is temperature and moisture resistant, which prevents any movement or warping and is a must for painted furniture.  As we move from summer to winter most houses will see a rise and fall in temperature and humidity and this can cause paint to crack if the right material isn't used.

To guarantee a solid and stable foundation we will sometimes use a high density engineered timber for the base units and stunning Grade one American Oak for the top sections of our furniture. Different collections will use different construction and materials depending on which is best suited to the design and style of the furniture.

Paints, Oils & Finishes

Handmade wooden furniture is typically finished off with paint or stains and varnish. This completes the overall look of the piece. The quality of the finish can be a good indication of the overall quality of the furniture and is a key design detail to look at. There is a vast range of stains and finishes for wooden furniture but different finishes are suitable for different types of wood. The right finish can enhance the look and longevity of the furniture.

Another important design detail when it comes to stains and finishes is how the wood has been prepared for painting or staining. Wood needs to be prepared differently for both of these finishes and skilled furniture makers will understand what they need to do to get the best possible finish.

Here at the Painted Furniture Company we use very high quality catalysed paint, which contains a hardener that achieves a very tough and smooth finish.   Finally our drying oven ensures a solid and blemish free finish.

Individuality & Customised Designs

Every piece of handmade furniture has its own character and part of the joy of owning it is knowing that you have something unique.

Another special feature of handmade wooden furniture or handmade painted furniture is that these pieces can be customised. Because each piece is made especially by hand, you have the freedom to make the design the way you want it to be. This simply isn’t possible with mass-produced furniture, which may offer a few variants of the same design but doesn’t give you the same level of control over the final product.

Often, when you choose handmade painted furniture, you can select from a variety of colour options, hardware options, and finishes. Every bespoke piece is customised to your requirements, making handmade furniture a seamless addition to your space. You can choose a design that’s a great fit with any colour scheme or décor, as well as a piece that fits perfectly in that awkward corner or unconventional space.

Here at the Painted Furniture Company we offer a bespoke furniture service that allows us to offer our customers bespoke pieces from two of our most popular collections Island Breeze, and Oxford. These two collections are British made in our own factory allowing us to build furniture specifically to suit the dimensions in your room.

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