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How to Furnish a Small Bedroom - Layout Ideas

How to Furnish a Small Bedroom
Layout Ideas

Furnishing a small bedroom presents a unique challenge. Space is at a premium, but comfort and style are still paramount. This article provides innovative and practical solutions for turning your compact room into a beautiful, functional sanctuary.

Bed Placement

The position of your bed is a pivotal decision in any bedroom, but it’s especially important when space is limited. The right placement can transform a cramped room into a cosy retreat. Here are some strategic options.

Against the Longest Wall

Traditionally, beds are placed against the longest wall of the room. This is a reliable method that maximises the open floor space, giving the room a more expansive and airy feel. It also creates a natural flow, guiding the eye from the entrance and making the room feel immediately welcoming and settled.

Under a

Some might shy away from this option due to traditional design rules, but placing a bed under a window can free up valuable wall space for other uses, such as a desk or a wardrobe. This positioning can also frame your bed beautifully and provide a lovely view to wake up to.

Centered between Two Walls

For those who prefer symmetry and a traditional design aesthetic, centering the bed between two walls creates a strong focal point and a balanced look. This placement often allows for bedside tables on both sides, adding to the symmetry and providing convenient storage solutions.

Against a Perpendicular Wall

If the room’s dimensions allow, placing the bed against a wall that is perpendicular to the longest wall can create a cosy sleeping nook. This option can help to clearly define the sleeping area and separate it from other functional areas in the room, like a study space or a dressing area.

Keep it Simple

In a small bedroom, a minimalist approach is often the best way to create a relaxing and organised environment. Keeping it simple doesn't mean sacrificing style; it means selecting key pieces that serve a purpose and contribute to a harmonious and decluttered space.

Choose Essential

Focus on what you truly need. A bed, a place for clothes, and a bedside table might be the basics for you. Avoid overcrowding the room with unnecessary pieces.


Instead of using floor lamps or table lamps, consider wall-mounted lights. These free up surface space on your bedside table or floor, keeping areas clear and visually uncluttered.

Sleek and Simple Bedding

Avoid heavy, ornate bedding that can make the room feel crowded. Opt for clean, simple lines and light fabrics to keep the bed looking neat and inviting.

Use Mirrors Wisely

A well-placed mirror can double the visual space in your room. Placing a large mirror opposite a window can also reflect light, brightening the entire space and making it feel larger and airier.

Neutral and Light Color Palette

Opt for neutral and light colors to open up the space and bring in a calming energy. Light greys, whites, and creams are great choices that offer a clean and fresh look.

Customised or Modular Furniture

In a small bedroom, every inch counts. Customised or modular bedroom furniture empowers you to create the perfect bedroom storage solution tailored to your unique space and lifestyle.

Combine Hanging Spaces and Drawers

Design a wardrobe that meets your exact needs. Need more hanging space for dresses and suits? No problem. Prefer a mix of hanging spaces and drawers for folded clothes and accessories? That's possible too. You have the flexibility to decide the layout of your storage space.

Integrated Dressing Tables and Desks

Imagine a combined unit that features a wardrobe, a dressing table, and even a desk. Perfect for a compact bedroom or a multifunctional guest room, this design ensures that you have a dedicated space for work, getting ready in the morning, and storing clothes, all while maintaining a clean, cohesive look.

Standalone or Combined Run of Furniture

With The Painted Furniture Company's modular collection, you have the option to select individual pieces that stand alone or to design a combined run of furniture that creates a seamless, built-in look. This allows you to adapt your furniture layout as your needs and space change.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Your furniture should reflect your lifestyle. Need a dedicated space for your extensive shoe collection? Want a built-in vanity with ample lighting for your makeup routine? Or perhaps a streamlined desk setup for your work-from-home days? Whatever your needs, you can build a combination that works perfectly for you and your lifestyle.

Make the Most of Wall Height

Look up—your wall height is an untapped resource! In a small bedroom, the vertical space can be just as valuable as the floor space. Making the most of wall height means thinking upward and leveraging the full potential of your room’s vertical square footage. Here’s how:

Tall Wardrobes

Opt for a tall wardrobe that stretches up near the ceiling. This type of wardrobe provides additional storage space above what a standard height wardrobe would offer. The upper shelves are perfect for storing seasonal or rarely used items. Our wardrobes can be made in a variety of heights to suit your space perfectly.

Low Wardrobes for Loft Rooms

If your bedroom has low ceilings, such as in a loft space, consider a low wardrobe that fits neatly under sloped ceilings. This design is both practical and visually appealing, offering plenty of storage while conforming to the room’s unique architecture.

Vertical Shelves and Bookcases

Install shelves or a tall bookcase to make use of the vertical wall space. This is a practical way to store and display books, decorative items, or small baskets containing accessories without taking up precious floor space.

Multi-Functional Furniture

In a small bedroom, each piece of furniture should earn its place — and ideally serve more than one function. Multi-functional furniture is key to maximising your space, keeping it organised, and maintaining a clean, streamlined look. Here are some creative and practical options:

Blanket Box that Doubles as a Seat

Consider a storage blanket chest that can be used as a dressing table seat. When not in use for seating, it can be a great place to store blankets, linens, or clothes.

Desk that Serves as a Dressing Table

Choose a desk that can double up as a vanity or dressing table. By adding a mirror above the desk and allocating a drawer for makeup and grooming supplies, you create a dual-purpose space for work and self-care without taking up additional room.

Nesting Tables

Use a nest of tables as a bedside table. You can pull out the additional tables when you need more surface space and tuck them away when you don't.

Loft Bed with Workspace or Seating Below

Especially in children’s or teen’s rooms, a loft bed can free up a significant amount of floor space. Below the loft, you can place a desk, a small couch, or storage shelves, turning one single footprint into a multi-use area.

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