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How To Organise Your Wardrobe

How To Organise
Your Wardrobe

A well organised wardrobe is more than just a storage space; it's an essential element of a stress-free and efficient daily routine. Many people need suitably organised wardrobes to be able to accommodate their clothing, accessories, and their lifestyle. With the right approach, you can transform your wardrobe into a functional and stylish haven that simplifies your life and enhances your home. 

Let’s explore the benefits of an organised wardrobe and some practical tips to help you create a tailored system that maximises space, saves time, and reduces stress when getting ready for the day.

Get Rid Of Your Old Clothes

Before diving into the world of wardrobe organisation, it's crucial to first assess your clothing collection and eliminate items that no longer serve you. Holding onto old, unworn clothes not only clutters your wardrobe but also makes it difficult to find and access the pieces you love.

The best way to organise your wardrobe at the start is to begin sorting through your garments and accessories, categorising them into three piles: keep, donate, and discard. When deciding which items to keep, consider factors such as fit, condition, and how frequently you actually wear each piece. 

For those in good condition but no longer needed, donating them to a charity is a fantastic way to give them a new life while freeing up valuable space in your wardrobe. Discarding worn-out or damaged items will also further declutter your wardrobe and pave the way for efficient wardrobe organisation.

Identify When Extra Storage Is Needed

When considering how to organise your wardrobe, you will need to first consider whether or not you need even more storage space. You might even need two wardrobes if one wardrobe is not enough for your storage needs. 

If you find yourself struggling with limited space or specific storage needs, bespoke wardrobes offer a tailored and stylish solution. These custom-designed wardrobes can be built to fit the exact requirements of your space, maximising storage potential without consuming additional floor space.

Tall wardrobes are an excellent example of how bespoke designs can utilise every inch of available space. These towering storage units take advantage of your room's height and provide ample room for hanging garments and utilising drawer space. 

With our Modular wardrobes, there are a wide range of options to choose from depending on how much storage space you need. You can choose from a combination of full hanging wardrobes, wardrobes with drawers and slimline show cupboards to create the perfect composition that is ideally matched to your needs.

Low wardrobes are also especially useful in spaces that have low or sloped ceilings, such as an attic or eaves bedroom. They’re designed to be shorter than standard height wardrobes, but they’re available in a variety of widths to help make use of the available space.

Utilise Floor Space

In order to create a well organised wardrobe, it’s essential to take advantage of every available space, including the often overlooked floor area.

The floor can be an excellent storage solution for items such as shoes, bags, or even folded clothes. You could consider investing in a shoe rack, storage boxes, or stackable shoe boxes to keep your footwear and clothes neat and easily accessible in your wardrobe. 

When utilising floor space, ensure that you maintain a clear, uncluttered pathway to easily access your belongings. By doing so, you'll create a wardrobe that is both functional and visually appealing.

Use The Doors

When it comes to bedroom furniture, there are plenty of stylish storage options to help you organise your belongings. With wardrobes, you can even utilise the doors to help store more items. It’s often an overlooked area but the inside of your wardrobe doors can actually provide you with some extra space.

For example, over door shoe racks are particularly helpful for storing your shoe overflow. Fabric over the door organisers can also be used to organise accessories such as scarves, handbags, hats, or sunglasses.

These clever solutions are perfect for holding accessories you don’t quite have enough drawer space for.

Group Similar Items Together

A well-organised wardrobe makes it easy to locate and access your clothes, and so grouping similar items is a key strategy for achieving this. 

Start by separating your clothing into categories such as t-shirts, trousers, and so on. Once categorised, consider implementing organisation tools like stacking cubicles, dividers, or clear drawers to further streamline your system.

For instance, you can use dividers to separate different types of garments within a single drawer, making it easier to find what you need at a glance. Stacking cubicles are also great for keeping smaller items like accessories or undergarments organised and visible. 

With a bespoke handmade wardrobe, you can have yours built to your exact dimensions depending on your storage requirements. Depending on which items you want to group together, you can think more carefully about your specific wardrobe organisation needs to determine which wardrobe height you need and what drawer options you may also require. 

Whether you need an extra tall wardrobe to hang all your coats, or you need a standard wardrobe which also has drawer options for your t-shirts, you can think about which style is best for grouping your items together. By grouping your similar items together, you'll create a more efficient storage space that can help you save time and help reduce stress when getting ready for the day.

Use Storage Accessories

Using shoe racks, organisers, and dividers can help you to properly store your accessories and enhance your wardrobe's functionality:

Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are great for wardrobe organisation as they can help to keep your footwear collection well-organised and easily accessible. Choose a design that best fits your wardrobe and accommodates your shoe collection.

Jewellery Organisers

Keep your jewellery untangled and easy to find with specialised jewellery organisers that you could keep in your wardrobe. There are many options available including hanging organisers, drawer inserts, and compartmentalised trays that can be placed on shelves or inside drawers.

Drawer Dividers

Dividing your wardrobe drawers into smaller sections can help you keep similar items together, such as socks or accessories. Drawer dividers can be adjustable or custom-fit to your specific drawer dimensions.

By incorporating these storage accessories into your wardrobe organisation, you'll maximise your storage potential and create a well-organised space that caters to your specific needs.

Maintain The Space You’ve Cleared

Once you’ve organised your wardrobe, it's essential to now maintain the space and keep it clutter-free. You might have followed all the great wardrobe organisation ideas but you will be back to step one if you do not manage to maintain your organisation. 

Every few months, go through your clothes and accessories to identify items that are no longer needed, worn, or in good condition. Regularly decluttering can help you keep your wardrobe in a well-organised and neat condition. You can donate, sell, or discard any unwanted items to keep your wardrobe streamlined.

To properly maintain your cleared space, be diligent about keeping your clothing and accessories within their designated categories. This will make it easier to locate items and prevent your wardrobe from becoming disorganised.

If you have items in your wardrobe that you use quite frequently, it can be best to store these in the most accessible areas of your wardrobe. This will help you save both time and effort when you are getting ready for the day.

Painted Wardrobes From The Painted Furniture Company

An organised wardrobe is an indispensable asset for those seeking a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for their home. It not only streamlines your daily routine but also enhances the overall look and feel of your living space. By using the advice and useful tips in this article, you can transform your wardrobe into a personalised haven that caters to your unique needs and preferences.

Browse our beautiful handmade painted wardrobes today to discover a wardrobe that will best suit your space and storage needs.

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