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How to Style a Chest of Drawers

How to Style a
Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers has to be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you have in your home. Available in a range of styles and sizes, chests of drawers can be either traditional or modern in appearance, but all serve a valuable function and can make an extremely attractive focal point in any room. Styling your chest of drawers can transform a space, as well as be a fun project. In this handy guide, we’ll explore some inspirational styles you might opt for, and the best ways to go about accessorising them.

Decorating Options

Your chest of drawers can be styled to perfectly reflect your own unique style and say something about your tastes in interior design. The bedroom is the ideal place to get creative with your furniture.

Take Inspiration From Its Anchor

Firstly, the positioning of your drawers can help to influence its styling. Whether it's anchored to a piece of artwork, a large mirror, a round clock or a beautiful countryside view, think about how your accessories can tie into it. If its anchor is bold and colourful, such as a piece of artwork, create balance with subtle and neutral accessories. If the anchor is plain, let the accessories add interest and colour to the composition.

Country Styling

One very popular trend in home décor is ‘bringing the outside in’ through the use of colour and patterns. Whether you are looking to create a cosy feel with darker furniture, or make a smaller room feel more spacious with light colours, the colours you choose are completely up to you. The size of space you are working with is also very flexible, whether it’s a small city apartment or a remote country farmhouse - any space can be influenced by the outdoors. 

When you’re planning a nature-inspired room style, the accessories you choose to decorate your chest of drawers with will depend largely on the colour palette you’re going for. If the coast is influencing your style, consider combining pale blue, grey and white accessories, such as seashells, pearlescent picture frames and cool candles. If you’re aiming for a forest inspired style, think about incorporating warmer tones, such as earthy pine cones, dried botanicals and wooden accessories.

Create a Soft and Feminine Look

If you want to create a very calm and relaxing space, choosing pale and neutral shades of furniture can help to enhance a feeling of serenity in a room and make it feel more spacious. Opting for accessories in gentle, pastel shades, such as powder pink, light yellow and lilac can look beautiful against a backdrop of white, grey or cream painted furniture. You might think about choosing artificial flowers in a contrasting colour, with roses, in particular, adding an excellent feminine quality. Paired with decorative picture frames, this can be a lovely way to style your painted chest of drawers.

Minimalist Design

Minimalism involves paring things back to their very basics. If you want to achieve a minimalist look, then choose a chest of drawers in white or a neutral shade like Cloud, Stone or Moondust Grey, and keep the surface clutter-free, especially in the bedroom. Keeping things neat and tidy will help make your space feel more relaxing and organised. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean stark and empty though. These simple vases and ornaments in neutral colours add some warmth and create a well balanced display.

Vary up the Height

Combining taller items such as lamps and tall vases with smaller accessories like tealights and trinket boxes can help to add visual cues for drawing the eye upwards. This can help to create the illusion of space and height in smaller spaces.

What you put on top of your chest of drawers is really down to you and to the room your piece of furniture is placed in. Some people prefer the minimalist approach and keep surfaces as clutter-free as possible, while others will want the personal touch by adding framed photos, treasured souvenirs and decorative ornaments. 

Many of the chests of drawers within the Painted Furniture Company’s range take a traditional design and give it a modern twist, for furniture which would suit both period properties and contemporary family homes. If you want your home to give a nod to the past at the same time as being cutting edge in style, choosing a painted chest of drawers from us is the perfect way to bridge the divide between old and new in your interior design. We also offer a beautiful variety of paint colour to choose from enabling you to style your home just the way you like.

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