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Neutral Living Room Design with Cream and Ivory

Neutral Living Room Design with Cream and Ivory

Modern interior design relies a lot on neutral colours and clean lines. It is all about minimalism. Interestingly enough however, neutral and clean doesn't have to mean boring. With the right colour combinations and a few select furniture pieces, you can create a beautiful living space that is both comfortable and appealing.

This post will offer a few suggestions for doing just that. It will discuss neutral living room designs with cream and ivory as the primary colours. You can complete your neutral living room with beautiful painted furniture pieces from our various popular collections.



The French Salon

One of our favourite looks for living rooms with tall windows and ceilings is the French salon look. It is a look that combines elegance with plenty of natural light and long lines. Many people who like this design prefer a light grey for the walls and tapestries. If light grey is not your thing, an off-white works equally well. In terms of furniture, ivory bookcases work extremely well in the French salon. Complementing with ivory coffee tables can add a nice touch and feel to the space, coupled with Victorian era chairs and an oversized sofa. Adding colour should be limited to flowers and plants.

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Clean and Contemporary

The other side of the French salon look is clean and contemporary. This look is more suited to modern homes with limited windows and lower ceilings. Cream, ivory, or beige are preferred wall colours while ceilings are typically white. If the living room space features crown moulding, it is generally left white as is any moulding around the windows, doors, and fireplace. Your choice of furniture is more utilitarian with the clean and contemporary look. If you have chosen an ivory or off-white for the walls, cream coffee tables and sideboards provide just enough of a contrast to keep everything in the room from blending in. A bit of colour can be added with a bright blue or dark red end table. Coloured lamps and perhaps a dark oak desk in the corner add more character. If you've chosen a cream or beige colour for the walls, contrast with ivory painted furniture.

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Pastels with Natural Light

Sometimes a home will not support either the French salon or clean and contemporary looks. Another option, especially in living rooms with plenty of natural light streaming in from a bay window, is the pastel look. Pastel colours tend to look very warm and inviting in the sunlight. You might choose a lovely pastel blue for the walls while leaving trim and moulding white. Bring out the subtleties of that powdery blue with either cream or ivory. Both colours work extremely well. Cream TV units work very well on a wall opposite the largest window. If you choose ivory instead, place your TV unit on a wall perpendicular to the wall with the largest window. Why? Because ivory tends to disappear in direct sunlight.

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Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse look is one of the hottest interior looks right now. It combines neutral colours with larger furniture pieces and plenty of wood. Interestingly, you can accomplish the modern farmhouse look and still keep your lines clean and straight. It is all in the furniture you choose. Cream is a good colour choice for walls. A slightly darker shade of cream on moulding and trim gives depth without forcing contrast. As far as your furniture is concerned, choose darker browns for chairs, sofas, and the like. Stick with ivory for coffee tables, end tables, and bookcases. Cream sideboards in the corner would add a nice touch. You complete the modern farmhouse look with a darker coloured carpet or hardwood floors along with window treatments in ivory or white. Check out our Painted Living Room Furniture collections as you plan for your new living room design. Cream and ivory work well with neutral colours on the walls, trim, and floors. The two colours are just enough to catch your eye without overpowering the space.

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