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Our Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

Our Chest of Drawers Buying Guide

Every bedroom needs a chest of drawers for storing clothes and accessories, which can also often be used for added surface space. This guide will give you all the information you need on choosing the most suitable chest of drawers for your bedroom.

What size will you need?

Before selecting your furniture piece, you will need to consider the most suitable size for the space you have available and the type of clothing you are hoping to store. If you are looking to store thick jumpers or a large collection of trousers for example, you will need large, deep drawers, whereas socks and underwear can be placed in smaller drawers.

Style and materials

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing your new chest of drawers is the style you are looking to purchase
and the material it has been constructed from. All of our furniture pieces are created from hard wearing solid wood and can be tailored to your own preferences in terms of colour and design.


Our chest of drawers can be painted to the shade of your choice. With 14 pastel tones on offer, you may decide on contrasting shades for the main body and top finish, or simply leave the latter as laquered bare wood to create your own unique piece.

Types of chest of drawers

Narrow chest

One of the most popular types is the narrow chest, otherwise known as the 'Tall Boy' which is the perfect space-saving option if your bedroom is on the smaller side. Unlike many chest of drawer styles that are generously sized in width, this option is elongated by length and offers four or five spacious drawers. It will make the ideal choice for placing in a corner or alcove.

2 Over 3 / 2 Over 4

This option is great if you wish to store a mixture of clothing items. Usually, the 2 over 3 consists of two drawers on top which are ideal for storing socks, underwear or beauty products and three or four larger drawers underneath for clothing. There are various widths available for a range of bedroom sizes, so you should find a piece most suited to you.

3 over 4

The 3 over 4 is the best choice for larger bedrooms. This type offers three generously sized top drawers and four larger drawers underneath. Not only can it be used as a storage unit, but due to the extensive width of the piece, the top surface may be used for display purposes.

4 over 4

This option is perfect if you need that extra bit of storage space, or you're going to have a 'his' and 'hers' connected chest of drawers at the top which may be used for hosiery.

This is why you can take a product like this rockford grey island breeze dresser and fit it in almost any well-styled living room, without the need to make drastic changes. Using small additions of grey to a classically designed colour scheme of white, wood and leather is a fantastic way to incorporate a greater depth of tone into a room, without throwing it out of balance.

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