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The Amberley Painted Furniture Build Guide

The Amberley Collection
Build Guide

Built Just For You

Words cannot fully describe the beauty and authenticity of our Amberley collection, a collection that features wonderful pieces for the living room, dining room, and bedroom. A small, family-run workshop near Cirencester is where all the magic happens. This is where our skilled craftsmen create the renowned Amberley furniture that will last a lifetime. 

This particular collection defines what it means to be British handcrafted furniture. Visually, it offers an aesthetic combining classic Arts and Crafts styling with a hint of rustic and some modern contemporary thrown in. The collection features straight lines, flat surfaces, and neutral colours.

Each piece is designed with minimalism in mind. Yet at the same time, the Amberley vibe eschews mere simplicity. Each piece offers the contemporary features you have come to expect from us. Features like soft-close drawers and high-quality fixtures as standard.


We are extremely proud of the fact that we design all of our premium quality furniture in-house. We design around the belief that new furniture should be 'furniture for life'. It should be designed and built to the highest possible standards that guarantee each piece will be around for generations to enjoy. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, the Amberley collection was born of a passion for furniture pieces that become part of the space rather than just being housed by it. Each piece blends nicely with complementary pieces for a look of completeness.

If you find a piece from our Amberley collection that doesn’t quite fit the space in your home, tell us! We can build your furniture to custom dimensions to perfectly suit your space, whether it’s a quirky recess under a sloping ceiling in your attic room, or a particular alcove in your living room.


We use only the finest materials for every Amberley piece. From solid oak tops to tulip poplar frames, our finished pieces are sturdy and solid because we spare no expense on materials. Even our fixtures are top-of-the-line. Remember, this is furniture for life. Building such long-lasting furniture requires choosing the right materials. 

We use both natural wood and engineered timber products in the construction of Amberley pieces. The right combination offers structural integrity alongside a beautiful surface for us to finish to your specifications. The choice of materials is one of the many things that make our painted furniture so pleasing to look at.


Innovative design and the finest materials would mean very little if we mass-produced our furniture as cheaply as possible. But we don't do that. We stress British handcrafted furniture which can only be properly manufactured using time-tested building methods in a classic workshop setting.

Each piece in the Amberley collection is built by a skilled craftsman considered an expert in the trade. After measuring, cutting, and joining, pieces are sent to the paint room for finishing.


Our company name demonstrates that we are not ashamed to paint our furniture. Some people prefer to allow the natural wood to remain uncovered. That's fine. We believe painted furniture can be just as beautiful, especially when applied by an artist who specialises in this particular craft.

Best of all, we offer a complete range of colours throughout all our collections. Every piece in the Amberley collection can be painted to your liking, based on the colour choices available at the time. You can choose from nearly 20 colours, shades, and tones – all of them neutral and inviting.

Assorted colour choices are but one demonstration of our commitment to building custom furniture pieces featuring timeless design and unmatched beauty. Every piece is made to order; every piece is custom painted for that perfect look.


Our customers expect furniture to arrive in the same condition it was when it left our workshop. We fully agree with that expectation. Customers deserve nothing less. Therefore, the final step in creating your perfect Amberley set is to carefully wrap and pack each piece in preparation for safe transport. Before packing ever begins though, each piece is carefully checked to make sure the paint is fully cured. We sometimes wait for up to seven days after full curing, just to make sure paint will not be damaged. Pieces are individually wrapped and packed just prior to shipment. And once delivered, we give each piece one last inspection before leaving the premises.  We don't want to meet your expectations; we want to exceed them.

The Amberley collection is a customer favourite. We understand why. It is more than just high-quality, British handcrafted furniture. The collection offers the perfect blend between modern contemporary and Arts and Crafts styling. Pieces from this collection are bound to look absolutely stunning in your home.

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